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The BBBST Young Leaders (YL) is a group of resourceful, community minded, and motivated young professionals who have an interest in engaging more with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto. 

This select group of Toronto area young professionals (ages 21+) offers opportunities to support BBBST while meeting other like minded individuals. Being a part of the Young Leaders group is a career development opportunity for future philanthropic and community leaders who are looking to become passionately involved with a great cause.

Now in their 7th year, the BBBST Young Leaders have successfully hosted and executed, Paddle Royale, a ping pong tournament fundraiser for 6 years. Each year the event has grown, and has cumulatively raised over $500,000 with an incredible attendance each year of over 600 young professionals, with teams battling for top prizes, such as best costume, top fundraiser, and of course, the winning team!

BBBST looks to the Young Leaders as volunteers who will use their established skill sets to take a leadership role in the development and execution of special event based fundraisers, such as Paddle Royale and Big Brunch, as well as creating awareness in the community about BBBST’s mission and the need for mentors and positive role models for children and youth. 

Mission: To expand BBBST’s community presence through each member’s professional and social contacts as ambassadors for BBBST and to support the organization’s mission, focusing on three specific pillars; outreach, recruitment and fundraising. 

Benefits: Leadership opportunity with a nationally renowned charitable organization, gaining networking experience and working with corporate and community leaders while enhancing personal development. You will be part of an open mentoring culture where members learn from each other in a wide variety of formal and informal relationships. 

Time Commitment: The group meets monthly and members will be required to attend at least six of the twelve meetings. More event specific meetings related to Paddle Royale and Big Brunch – annual fundraising events - may be scheduled.

Financial Commitment: It is expected that all members contribute to the success of our fundraising campaigns throughout the year, by registering teams and fundraising for Paddle Royale, selling tickets to guests to attend, and even supporting the group with securing cash sponsors and in-kind donations. Members are asked to make personal financial commitments, at their own comfort level, to further demonstrate their investment in the organization.

For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto has been well known and respected for the important services we provide to children and youth in our community. To find out more about BBBST’s Young Leaders, please email: bigbrothersbigsisters.ca or download an application.