Big Rec

The Big Rec Program:
 Gain Mentors and New Friends!

Big Rec is our newest group-based mentoring program.  A group of volunteer Bigs meet with a group of Littles in school-gyms twice a month and spend time together building confidence and resilience through sport and play.  Big Rec groups meet from September through June, twice a month on Saturday afternoons or Tuesday evenings.

Big Rec is a great environment to socialize, learn teamwork skills and get to know a responsible Mentor.

Big Rec aims to build strong group dynamics between the participants and a sense of belonging that lasts the entire school year.  Guardians are responsible for the transportation of participants.

The Bigs accept full responsibility for collaboratively pre-planning all themes and facilitating activities at meets as a site team.

This is a site-based program – Time together is limited to that spent at the meeting site. Occasionally Big Rec groups may attend optional
BBBST special events.

For more information, contact us today!

Big Bunch at BFKS 


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