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Game On! Group Mentoring

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Eat Smart, Play Smart, Live Smart

Game On! is a group mentoring program that allows participants to openly learn and discuss nutrition, staying active, and positive thinking and decision making. Game On! is run for 8 weeks by two male volunteer mentors. Through the program confidence is built through sports and games, group discussions and an open and safe environment for all participants.

Apart from the program curriculum, friendships are developed, nutritious snacks are distributed, and communication and problem solving skills are built through real conversations about social issues, body image and daily life.

Eat smart - play smart - live smart

Game On! includes seven 75-minute core sessions. There are also four extension modules that capture potential issues and topics specific to various locales and the interests of the mentors and participants.

The program strives to do the following:

  • Through the lens of healthy living, openly discuss current and pressing issues facing boys and young men
  • Build appreciation for the benefits of healthy eating habits
  • Promote physical exercise through the use of non-traditional activities
  • Instill respect for socio-economic, ethno-cultural and racial diversity
  • Encourage leadership skills and independent thinking
  • And above all, make a difference
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If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor or donating to the Game On! Group Mentoring program we welcome your questions. You can apply now or contact us.

Still not sure mentoring is right for you? Try our Online Orientation!


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