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At a Crossroads

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When generous people from our community come forward to donate their valuable time to mentor children through our agency, they typically believe they’ll be matched with a child of the same gender as themselves. And while a lot of the time this is the case, we also have many cross-gender matches made as a way to address the larger number of boys than girls on our wait list. Historically, we tend to have more women than men stepping up to be mentors.

Meet Lisa, a Big Sister who has been matched with her Little Brother Aiden since September 2012. This cross-gender match recently celebrated their two-year “match-a-versary!” Lisa has gone above and beyond in her role as a Big Sister. She bonded with Aiden’s biological brother Ethan, who had a Big Brother in the program, but last year Ethan’s match ended and Lisa enthusiastically offered to be a Big Sister to both of the brothers.

Lisa says, “I feel that being part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program was one of the best decisions I ever made. Having Aiden and Ethan as my ‘big’ Little Brothers (since they are both taller than me now, and occasionally refer to me as their ‘little’ Big Sister!) has been an amazing experience, and they are pretty awesome kids. I look forward to watching them develop into young men, and am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to help make a difference, even if it‘s a small one, in the lives of the next generation.”

BBBST Program Coordinator, Christina Tolles says, “Both Ethan and Aiden rate their matches 10/10! They love how nice and fun Lisa is. She’s someone they can look up to.” The boys’ mom describes Lisa as “someone they can rely on” and commented that Lisa always goes above and beyond. This group of three never has a hard time deciding what to do because they all enjoy the same things, such as attending Jays and Raptors games, mini putting and playing Laser Quest.

No matter what they are doing, they always have fun — together!


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