These Bigs and Littles are wonderful examples of the powerful relationships that are built on friendship, trust and empowerment. Our mentors are instrumental in helping the children and youth in our community reach their full potential.

If you ever wondered how your support makes a difference, you'll know once you meet and hear the stories of these incredible Bigs and Littles:


Big Sister, Myanca & Little Sister, Priya

“The impact that my Big Sister Myanca has had on me is unexplainable. My father’s passing occurred almost five years ago and Myanca has been a part of my life ever since. We will have been together five years this September, which shows how dedicated both of us have been to each other. Myanca has watched me grow and influenced me to change for the better. She has taught me that getting a proper education and taking school seriously is the only way I will prosper in the future. She is an amazing role model and I could not have asked for a better match.” - Little Sister, Priya



Big Brother, Mike & Little Brother, Isaac

“I am so glad to have a Big Bro because I would miss out on what it is like to have a real big brother. Whenever I am with Mike he makes me happy. He calls me to say hi and sends me messages and asks about my basketball games and comes to watch me play and cheer me on. I painted a picture for him and he hung it in his room for everyone to see. That made me feel good and he says things that make me proud. I hope he is my big bro for a very long time because it is good to have someone like me.”- Little Brother, Isaac


Big Sister, Tracie & Little Sister, Ada

“Tracie has truly shown me that she cares for my success and future. She has shown me that I am one of her top priorities and a very special person in her life. Tracie has exposed me to different cultures by doing activities and going places I had no idea existed. Without her I would not have applied for a scholarship. When I started to think it wasn’t worth it, she became my backbone and helped me get back on my feet. Thankfully she stayed positive because without her I wouldn’t have won the scholarship and been given the chance to attend a post secondary institution.” - Little Sister, Ada


Big Brother, James & Little Brother, Terrell

“James was matched with Terrell in the Big Bunch program. Terrell was so happy to be able to tell his friends he had a Big Brother. After the first few outings, I knew Terrell was one lucky Little. James is such a positive influence and he never ceases to amaze me with his endless patience. I have noticed a huge change in my son because of James. Terrell is more confident and more willing to share his experiences and has conquered his shyness. I can’t thank BBBST enough for everything they have done for my son and for bringing James into his life.” - Mom, Tracey

Big Sister, Karen & Little Brother, Dawson

“Karen is a really good role model and she has taught me many things. She’s taught me about myself and what I can and cannot do. She is always so kind, caring and supportive. She makes me happy and makes be laugh.” She is the best Big Sister anyone can have!!!” - Little Brother, Dawson

Big Brother, Joe & Little Brother, Robert

“My relationship with Joe is exceptional. While we may have known each other for six years, our friendship has been built to last a lifetime. I will never be able to truly repay the experiences, knowledge and brotherhood that Joe has given me. He has given me hope for the future. His wisdom and determination have inspired me to become a better and more selfless person.” - Little Brother, Robert


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