Kenneth & Joel

BBBS Photoshoot 2014 - Colour-366

Little Brother Kenneth and Big Brother Joel have been matched for seven years. Joel was recently honoured as Big Brother of the Year, receiving the James Marshall Award at BBBST’s Big Night Out Gala on June 12th, 2014. 

Kenneth said, “I want people to recognize the hard work Joel has put into me and the time he’s spent changing my life — from being someone with no future to someone that has the potential to be successful in life. I’m really lucky to have someone like Joel that is willing to help change my life and my future.” 

Little Brother Kenneth says that Joel is not only his mentor, he is also a brother that he never had in his life. “Joel has been my role model, my friend, my motivator and my Big Brother ever since I was 10.” Joel encouraged his Little to apply for various scholarships offered to BBBST Littles. “Both of the times I didn’t want to apply for the scholarships because I didn’t feel like I wanted to pursue a post-secondary education…but Joel kept pushing me to apply.” With his encouragement and his assistance, Kenneth became the 2008 recipient of the Andra Takacs Scholarship and the 2010 recipient of the CIBC Youthvision Scholarship

“Without Joel, I don’t think I would be motivated to do well in school or even want to go to university, but having him there, helping me and supporting me, not only as a mentor but as a Big Brother, makes me feel like I’m the luckiest Little Brother in the world.”


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