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Making Time to Make a Difference

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Time—it’s something we all want more of, but the lack of it is one of the biggest reasons people don’t volunteer. It shouldn’t be that way. 

Sarah, a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST), found the time in her busy life to give back. “It’s great because the program runs before school. It means a little less sleep, but it’s easy to incorporate into my day and my work schedule,” says Sarah. 

When picking what to devote her precious time to, Sarah chose BBBST. She says, “I've always believed in the power of mentoring. What surprised me most is how close [my Little Sister and I] have become and how much being a Big Sister has impacted my own personal and professional life. My Little, Wendy, has pushed me in so many surprising and wonderful ways. I've really grown as a result of our time together. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be her Big,” says Sarah.

The caring and dedicated Big Sister never had a younger sister but always wanted one. “I love having a Little Sister—watching her grow, make mistakes, and get back up to try again. She really can do anything she sets her mind to. Hanging out with Wendy is always a major highlight of my week. I hope we remain friends for years to come.” 

Sarah, often described as being witty, smart, and a little shy, wasn’t sure what to expect of the first day she met Wendy. “I wasn't really sure what we were going to do or what it would be like. I asked if there was anything she wanted to do. She had just started reading Harry Potter so we decided to read it together. Over the next 30 minutes we travelled to Hogwarts and had fun making up voices for all the characters. It was smooth sailing from there.”

The pair has been matched for over two years in an in-school program, and over that time Sarah has seen her Little make huge leaps both personally and academically. “Recently a teacher came and told me how well my Little had been doing. In fact, she was doing so well that her school decided to move her out of a remedial class and put her back into her grade six classroom. Wendy was so proud that day. It meant a lot to me to have played a part in her huge accomplishment.” 

We thank volunteer mentors like Sarah, who step forward to commit one hour per week during the school year…and positively impact a child’s life! 

Read more about our In-School Mentoring programs, and volunteer today! If you have any questions about getting involved, email


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