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Meeko & Anastasia

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In the fall of 2012, Big Sister Anastasia was matched in BBBST’s Big Bunch group program, with Little Sister Meeko. Sensing they would benefit from more one-to-one interaction, within months the two switched over to the Big Sister Mentoring program

“This past year with Meeko has been so interesting, challenging, fun, and incredibly rewarding. Becoming a Big is one of the best decisions I have ever made,” said Anastasia.

Little Sister Meeko said, “Anastasia blessed me with my first real basketball which I still use and love to this day. I’ll never forget the feeling of holding my own ball in my hands for the first time and it was all thanks to Anastasia.”

“But she didn’t stop there. To raise money for me to attend a basketball camp last summer, she called all her friends, family members, neighbours—everyone—and asked them to donate or contribute items to sell in a yard sale. Everything ended up selling! The money was enough to send me to camp and buy me the equipment I needed to play.”

In the fall, Anastasia helped Meeko join the Scarborough Basketball Association and she has been playing and practicing with them ever since.

At Christmas time, “Meeko made me a card that thanked me profusely. In the card she wrote that without my help she didn’t know where her life would be headed. The best part is that she now says ‘thank you,’ which is a huge difference from when we started together,” said Anastasia.

Meeko said, “Because of her, I see a bright future ahead of me and I give credit to her, the best Big Sister I could ever ask for!”

Anastasia was awarded Big Sister of the Year at BBBST’s Big Night Out Gala, taking home the Elaine Giffen & Little Sister Award. 


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