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Three Generations of Bigs & Littles



Meet Ross (centre). Almost 25 years ago, Ross was matched with his Big Brother Jim (left).

Jim introduced Ross to new life experiences. By having a consistent, dependable and inspiring role model to look up to, Ross’s life changed for the better.

“The generosity I received from Jim and his time spent with me greatly affected my life, as Jim introduced me to music, books and taught me to be curious about the world. He’s a person I have always looked up to and I continue to look forward to seeing Jim every Christmas when we get together.”

And two years ago, Ross became the Big Brother of Adam (right) when Adam was nine years old—the same age Ross was when he was matched with Jim!

"I very much think that being a Big Brother myself has changed my life for the better. I get an enormous sense of well-being by giving back in my own way by spending time with Adam. He's a very kind and thoughtful young boy. I hope I’m somebody he feels he can always talk to about anything as he grows up, and I can provide insight and advice that I hope will be of value to Adam.”

Ross married his wife Danielle in September 2012, and Jim travelled from California to join them at their wedding—Adam and his mom came as well. Adam now calls Jim “Grandpa Big.”

This is a heartwarming example of the legacy of one Big Brother and the impact on the next generation. By having his own Big Brother, Ross knew that through becoming a Big himself, he could pay it forward by positively impacting the life of another child.


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