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If you’ve been a Big, Little, donor, or a Big Brothers Big Sisters family, staff or board member, we’ve missed you.

During our centennial year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto wants to find, and thank, anyone who has ever been associated with our programs.

We want to involve you in our Centennial celebraions. Please share your stories! Tell us who you are, when you first connected with us and where you are now. How did you becoming involved with the organization positively impact your life? We will be in touch to let you know about our Alumni Program, marketing opportunities and other very special recognition events that we’ll be celebrating this year.

Why Now?

You are an important part of why Big Brothers Big Sisters is the most impactful provider of professionally-supported volunteer mentoring services in Canada. The first Big Brothers Big Sisters agency in Canada was founded in Toronto in 1913, meaning we have 100 years of people to reunite and reconnect with.

Our hope is that by bringing our alumni together and showing them how much we appreciate them, we will open avenues for people who already believe in and have invested in our work to Start Something [Again] to help kids succeed in school and life.

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